A team won First Prize (Second Place) in 2018 Loogson Cup Computer System Contest

The team built an out-of-order MIPS32 processor (on FPGA) running a self-built modern operating system and applications (window manager, terminal emulator, full system emulators, etc.). One of our PhD students, Xianfei Ou from the SPAR group, leads the system and application software developments.

The software architecture design was led by Dr. Yanyan Jiang, who is now teaching "Operating Systems" and "Introduction to Computer Systems" (Practicum Part). The series of designs (including hardware part design by Zihao Yu) will be incorporated in the undergraduate curriculum at Nanjing University. (talk at CSWE'18).

(supervisors and contestants)

(a full system running on an FPGA board)

(award ceremony)


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