Hao Jin

Brief Biography

I received my M. Sc degree from Department of Computer Science and Technology at Nanjing University, supervised by Prof Xiaoxing Ma and Prof Chang Xu in 2015.
Currently I am employed by Microsoft (China), Applications and Services Group (Suzhou site).


  • COMEDY (Concolic Metamorphic Debugging): Testing and Debugging Programs without Oracles
  • Search Engine: Query Rewriting and Web Page Ranking


  • Hao Jin, Yanyan Jiang, Na Liu, Chang Xu, Xiaoxing Ma, and Jian Lu, “Concolic metamorphic debugging” , in Proceedings of the 39th Computer Society International Conference on Computers, Software and Applications (COMPSAC) , 2015.


  • COMEDY: An automated testing and debugging tool for JAVA programs without oracles which builds on Java Pathfinder
  • jpf-concolic-z3: A concolic testing extension project for JFP platform which integrates off-the-shelf constraint solver Z3


  • Teaching Assistant of Algorithm Design, 2013 Fall


Basketball, Swimming, Violin, Fitness Training

Mail: frankjinhao at gmail dot com or haoji at microsoft dot com

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