Jun Ma

马 骏

Jun MA

Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Coach of NJU ACM-ICPC Training Team
Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University
163# Xianlin Road, Nanjing 210023, Jiangsu, China
Computer Building 819
Tel: +86 25 89680922


  • Congratulations to Hao LING, Hongyang LIU and Yangbo ZHANG for winning the championship in the 42th ACM-ICPC Asia Regional (Qingdao).
  • Congratulations on Cong LI's APSEC'18 paper: "ELEGANT: Towards Effective Location of Fragmentation-Induced Compatibility Issues for Android Apps"!
  • Shengtao Yue is granted "NJU CS Nominated Outstanding Master's Thesis Award" for his thesis titled “Android Application Repackaging Detection Based on Runtime Graphical User Interface“.
  • Congratulations on Shengtao Yue's ICSME'18 paper: "RegionDroid: A Tool for Detecting Android Application Repackaging Based on Runtime UI Region Features"!(Pre-print Version)
  • New paper "LESDroid - A Tool for Detecting Exported Service Leaks of Android Applications" is accepted to ICPC'18!(Pre-print Version)
  • Congratulations on Tianheng Wu's Compsac'18 paper:"CARMUS: Towards a General Framework for Continuous Activity Recognition with Missing Values on Smartphones"!
  • Jue Wang, Yanyan Jiang, Chang Xu, Qiwei Li, Tianxiao Gu, Jun Ma, Xiaoxing Ma, and Jian Lu. AATT+: Effectively Manifesting Concurrency Bugs in Android Apps. Science of Computer Programming (SCP), Vol. 163, pp. 1-18, Oct 2018. (pdf)


  • I obtained my Ph.D. degree in computer science and technology from Nanjing University (NJU) in 2015 (Ph.D. advisor: Prof. Xianping TAO), and Bachelor degree in computer science and technology from Nanjing University in 2003.

  • I am now an assistant professor with Nanjing University.

  • I became the coach of NJU ICPC-Training Team since 2007.


I received the following awards or honors (reversely chronological order):

  • I received "NJU Sun Zhongxiu Teaching Award" (南京大学孙钟秀奖教金) in 2018.
  • I received "NJU Charismatic Advisor Award" (南京大学魅力导师奖) in 2018.
  • I received "Jiangsu Computer Society Service Award" (江苏省计算机学会科技服务贡献奖) in 2018.
  • I received "Outstanding Coach Award" (江苏省大学生程序设计竞赛“优秀教练”) in 2008.

Research interests

My current interests focus on following topics:

  1. Pervasive Computing

    • Context-aware Computing
    • Smart Space
  2. Software Analysis and Testing of Android Apps

    • Resource Leak Detection
    • Repackaging/Cloned App Detection
    • ...



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