Yanyan Jiang 蒋炎岩

Assistant Researcher,
SPAR - CASTLE Joint Group
Dept. of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University

Ph.D. (Nanjing University , 2017)
Visiting Scholar (Ohio State University , 2015)


I'm a coder striving to make programming less miserable. I'm interested in technologies that can automatically make computer software better: testing, analysis, and synthesis. (知乎专栏:软件工程研究漫谈 and chronological list of my publications.)

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  • Operating Systems (Spring 2018); Introduction to Computer Systems (Fall 2018).
  • I am a co-founder of Project-N in which undergraduate students build a complete computer system (NPC SoC, NEMU system emulator, Nanos operating system, NCC compiler, and applications) from scratch.
  • Selected talks:
    • “计算:万物的起源和终点” (Keynote speech at JSOI'14 Winter Camp).
    • “从逻辑门到电子计算机” (Guest lecture, 2014).


  • PC Member: SATE2018 (中文); External Reviewer: TPDS (2018).
  • Steering/Scientific Program Committee member of Jiangsu Olympiad in Informatics.
  • Coach of the programming contest training team at Nanjing University.

Honors and Awards

  • 2016 Distinguished Student of Nanjing University (the only PhD student out of ten winners).
  • 2014 MSRA Fellowship Award; 2015 and 2010 National Scholarship;
  • First Place in the 2014 Huawei Cup Regional Programming Contest; Second Place in the 2012 Tencent Hackathon.
  • During my collegiate years, I competed in ACM-ICPC regional contests for two Gold Medals and earned 49th Place in the 2009 World Finals.

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