SPAR Seminar (2018 Spring)

Discuss software engineering, programming language, and system papers that have novel and significant contributions. Tool tutorials are also welcomed.

Every Wednesday 4pm @ Computer Science and Technology Building 229.

Upcoming Talks

  • (Mar 21) Jiarong Wu: Neural-Guided Deductive Search for Real-Time Program Synthesis from Examples [ICLR 18].
  • (Mar 28) Jinci Chen: Precise Condition Synthesis for Program Repair [ICSE 17]; Xianfei Ou: Java and scala type systems are unsound [OOPSLA 16].
  • (Apr 4)Yuehuan Wang: Practical Black-Box Attacks against Machine Learning [ASIACCS 17].
  • (Apr 11)Cong Li: Reliable Third-Party Library Detection in Android and its Security Applications [CCS 16], LibRadar: fast and accurate detection of third-party libraries in Android apps [ICSE 16], WuKong: a scalable and accurate two-phase approach to Android app clone detection [ISSTA 15]; Jingxin Fan: Proactive self-adaptation under uncertainty: a probabilistic model checking approach [ESEC/FSE 15].
  • (Apr 18)Shaocong Liu: Systematically Testing Background Services of Mobile Apps [ASE 17].
  • (Apr 25) Yang Cao: Skyfire: Data-Driven Seed Generation for Fuzzing [SP 17]; Dongjie Chen: Repairing sequential consistency in C/C++11 [PLDI 17].
  • (May 2)Dawei Cheng: LAMP: data provenance for graph based machine learning algorithms through derivative computation [FSE 17].
  • Jiaxing Dong; Zhanshuai Meng
  • Huiyan Wang
  • Qingwei Sun; Jue Wang
  • Yanxiang Tong
  • Zenan Li; Shengtao Yue
  • Weiyu Ye
  • Yi Liu; Rui Qiu
  • Bingying Guo
  • Da Li; Wenjie Li
  • Yuju Shen
  • Chenxi Zhang

Past Talks

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